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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello everyone. Thanks for reading my blog and I appreciate all the comments, too. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you good health and lots of love for the New Year.
I apologize for not posting anything new in so long but my business has kept me extremely busy these last few months.
I have managed to write a little (writing is one of my favorite things to do) and I have finished writing about the first time I met Mark. I'll post that now.
In case you can't tell, Mark was one of my all-time favorite lovers and I missed him deeply when he decided to marry a women he'd started dating during the time I knew him. I never saw him again after he married.

Well, here's the conclusion of:
Part VII: We Explore My Submissive Side

I finished my margarita just as Rick returned and told me that Mark would be here in a few minutes. Rick quickly fixed me another drink and tied me, spread-eagle to the bed, but left my right hand loose so I could drink my drink. Minutes later there was a knock at the door. Rick put the blindfold over my eyes, took my drink away from me as I took one last gulp, and tied my right wrist to the bed. My heart felt like it was about to pound out of my chest and I suddenly wished that I could run and hide, but I couldn't go anywhere and I felt very naked and exposed. Rick introduced him as "Master Mark" and told me that he wanted me to make Mark happy and do as he wished. We all agreed that my "safe-word" would simply be "no" and then Mark immediately began kissing me and fondling me and telling me how lucky Rick was to have such a good slut for a wife.

The longer Mark kissed and fondled me the more my nervousness began to change into arousal. But after only a few minutes of foreplay, Mark released me from my wristcuffs and told me to suck his cock. My nervousness returned and I know I was trembling as I obediently did as he said. As I wrapped my hands and lips around his shaft I was pleasnatly surprised by how big, thick, and hard it was, but I was also taken by how soft and warm his flesh felt on my lips.. As I started to suck him he told me that he hadn't had sex with a woman in weeks and he hadn't even jacked off since Rick called and asked him to get together with us.The reason he'd abstained from masterbating (he said) was because he wanted his first load with me to be a big one. Since he hadn't cum in several days it didn't take me long to bring him to the brink of orgasm and I could tell that he was about to cum, so I prepared to swallow his load.

Suddenly Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth and away from me. I couldn't see what he was doing because I was still blindfolded but I could hear him moaning and groaning and I knew he was cumming. Suddenly the butterflies returned to my stomach and I wondered what would happen next. After what seemed like an eternity, Mark said something like, "Nicole, Rick told me what a great cocksucker you are and I have to agree, you are awesome. He also told me how much you like to swallow cum and so, as a token of my appreciation to your master for allowing me to use you as my slut tonight, I'd like to propose a toast... I just happen to have a bottle of champagne and three champagne glases".

The next thing I heard was the popping of the cork on the champane and then someone pouring a couple of glasses of the bubbly. Suddenly someone was handing me a champagne glass as Mark made a toast to our new friendship and thanked Rick for sharing me with him. He then proceeded to tell me that my champagne glass had his cum in it and, as my first act of submission to him, he wanted me to drink every drop. Now, I had sucked alot of cocks and swallowed alot of cum during my many years as a swinger. I had seen women in gang-bang videos drink cum from a glass but I had never done it. For a fleeting moment I thought about using the safe-word but then I decided to just do it.

The only problem with "just doing it" was that Mark's hand was still on the glass and he had no intention of letting me just gulp it down. Mark told me to tilt my head back, open my mouth, and show him my tongue. As Mark slowly dripped a few drops of his cum onto my tongue I couldn't help but get a good taste of him in my mouth. Mark then paused and said, "I read somewhere that the kind of food a man eats affects the way his cum tastes. Nicole, I've been thinking about doing this with you ever since Rick called and told me you were willing to be submissive for me. I know you've sucked quite a few men in the last few years, because Rick told me, and uh, let's just say I have a thing for women who truly love to suck cock. I've been eating alot of fruit the last few days, especially pineapple, and I've been told by several ladies that I have the sweetest cum they ever tasted."

For the next twenty minutes he talked about nothing but his cum. He told me how he ate something to make his loads bigger, something else to make his loads thicker, and of course, all the fruit he ate to make his loads sweeter. As he talked he had me occasionally sip from the glass while he'd ask me if it really was sweeter and thicker than other mens'. I told him it was but honestly, it didn't actually taste "sweet", not literally any way, but it definately wasn't bitter like some mens' and it wasn't at all "gamey" smelling like most mens'. It did seem like he had alot of cum in that glass and, to make sure I ate every drop, Mark used his index finger to clean the inside of the glass, then had me suck his finger clean.

Within seconds of sucking his finger, Mark was laying on the bed next to me and telling me to get on top of him and ride his cock. I knew how big his cock was and I wasn't really very wet yet, so I asked my husband to hand me the lube. I squeezed some onto my hand and began rubbing it on and into my pussy. I squeezed more onto my hand and this time felt for Mark's cock. When I found it I began rubbing it all over him. His cock was big and hard and I wanted him in me real bad. I climbed onto him and lowered my body down until every inch of that big thing was inside me. God, it felt good and I couldn't stop wiggling and squirming around on him until I was cumming. He told me to slow down and so I did. We enjoyed a leisurely fuck that way until he told me to get on my hands and knees.

He mounted me doggystyle and his thick nine inches easily slipped into my now well-lubed lovenest. He was great and, as he fucked me, my husband was telling me how hot I looked and what a good slut-wife I was. Mark was an amazing lover and the more he fucked me the more I was loving being a total slut and enjoying the benefit of having a husband who loved to share and watch me. Mark eventually rolled me over and did me missionary style. I remember when he started to kiss me. I was already "in-love" with his cock but when he started to kiss me as he continued to passionately grind his cock into me, he "had me" - literally and emotionally. I had just met him a half-hour ago but I was more than happy to be his sex-slave anytime he wanted me.

Our first fuck ended with passionate kisses as Mark filled me with his high-maintenance cum. He collapsed in a heap on top of me and we layed together like that for a long minute before either of us moved. After that second orgasm, Mark took a short break but Rick kept me going with toys and after a while I sucked Rick off too. Then Mark rejoined me and after I got him hard with my mouth we started to fuck again. His cock was still wonderful, so thick and hard, and he knew how to use what he had. We fucked for what seemed like hours and all the while he was telling me how hot my pussy was and what a good slut I was. I was still blindfolded and Rick was encouraging me to fuck Mark good. God, I was so hot and horny, it was one of the best fuck sessions of my life.

Mark spent the night with us in the condo and I fucked him again in the morning. It was nice being able to see him because he was a handsome man and his cock was truly a thing of beauty. That was the start of a long-term friendship with Mark and over the next two years I must have partied with him at least twenty-five times. We even went to his photography studio a couple of times and he took some nice black and white photographs of me. I think I still have those pictures somewhere and if I find them maybe I'll post them somewhere where you can see them.

I hope you liked that. I'm working on:
Part VIII: Our MFM Days
and I'll try to post it soon


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