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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Next Part In The Story of my Sex-Life

I finally finished the next part of my memoir. After I wrote that sentence I was suddenly unsure of the meaning of the word "memoir", so I looked it up and the first definition was, "a record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation". I'm glad I didn't screw up when I named my blog.
If this is your first time here, you may want to start with my first blog. I like to write and I like sharing my life-experiences with other couples who are into alternative relationships.
This next part is titled, "Our Threeway Days" but I could have just as appropriately titled it, "My Slut-Wife Days". I think you'll understand why after you start reading it. I appreciate your comments and hope this next part sounds familiar to some happy ladies. Here it is:

Part VIII: Our Threeway Days

That night with Mark was the beginning of our threesome days. Since my husband liked to watch me act slutty and it was much easier to find acceptable single men than compatible couples to party with, we started doing threesomes more and more often. We repeated the scenario with the blindfold a few different times over the next several years and I loved it. It was one of the most exciting things we did during our swinging days. There was just something very kinky and arousing about being used by a total stranger and, in fact, I once told Rick that being submissive for him was like kissing my brother compared to being submissive for a total stranger. I wasn't putting my husband down, and he understood that. What I meant was that you don't really get that powerless, naked, and totally vulnerable feeling when you're being submissive for someone you trust and love - but when you're naked, tied up and blindfolded and the man you trust and love is offering your body to be used for the sexual pleasure of a total stranger, those feelings of helpless erotic submission are constantly welling up inside of you and it greatly enhances the excitement of swinging. Even when I wan't tied-up and blindfolded, I got a special thrill whenever I had sex with a new guy and, when a man penetrated me for the first time, I almost always got a shiver up my spine and, at that moment of surrender, I usually turned to jello and started to cum.

I don't really understand why some men get-off on sharing their wives and watching them have orgasms with other men, but my ex-husband was definately one of them. He wasn't bi, and we shied away from bi men, but over the next several years we started swinging almost exclusively with straight, single men and I even had a few long-term lovers who we saw many different times over periods ranging from several months to a couple of years. My husband spent alot of time going through the pile of responses we got from our swinger's ad and he did his best to make sure the men we chose to meet were physically my "type" (tall, dark, handsome, and hung). He made all the arrangements. He'd screen them and he'd talk to them, and if he thought it was someone I'd want to party with, he'd find out what they were into sexually and what they wanted to do with me.

During that "submissive/slut-wife" phase of my life I willingly went along with the erotic scenarios that my husband set me up with. He always tagged along on my prearranged "sex-dates" and he always let the guys know what I would and wouldn't do. My ex loved to watch me play with myself and it seems that alot of the men we partied with also liked to watch me masterbate. It was something I did for many different men and it made me feel very slutty and super horny to let guys watch me get nasty with myself, epecially if cucumbers or beer bottles (or other phallic-shaped objects) were involved. When it came to sucking cock, I never had a problem going down on a guy. I get great satisfaction from knowing that I'm pleasing my partner during sex and I learned very soon after we started swinging that men love a woman who loves giving blowjobs. I love seeing a man enjoy what I'm doing to him and although some women consider giving oral sex a submissive act, I always felt like I was in complete control of a man when I had his cock in my mouth. I knew exactly what to do with my mouth, tongue, and hands to make a cock cum on demand and I don't want to sound conceited, but by the time we started playing more exclusively with single men, I could suck cock like a pro. Rick let me know that he loved it when other men came in my mouth and like I said, I like to please during sex. I've never been much into anal play, though (except for maybe getting my ass licked) and I'm not into pain of any kind.

If my ex and I wanted to party with a guy who we had partied with before, we might just call him up and invite him over to our house to have sex with me, but typically, on a first "date", we'd meet the guy for drinks - usually at a dance club, and sometimes at a pool hall or a topless bar. Rarely did we bring a guy home on a first "date". On a couple of occasions we went to the guy's place but usually we got a room somewhere. The condo (the one where we met Mark) near the beach had a nice dance club next door to it and, for a few years, that condo got to be our favorite place to get me layed.

I always looked forward to my "dates" and so did Rick. He'd make sure that I had a sexy outfit to wear and he didn't mind if I went shopping for something new or if I went to get my hair and nails done. It wasn't unusual for Rick to give me some new lingerie and shave my pussy (and leave a neatly trimmed "landing strip" of short pubic hairs) the night before one of my "dates", and the sex me and my ex had that night before was usually much hotter than normal. As we started to have sex, my ex would start to tell me about the guy he was setting me up with. He'd tell me what the guy looked like, how big his cock was, what he was into (sexually), and what the guy wanted to do with me. He talked in explicit detail about how slutty he wanted me to be for the guy and he'd tell me how much it turned him on and how proud he was to know that other men wanted to fuck me so badly. As he screwed me hard his very nasty talk would occasionally soften and he'd tell me how much he loved me and how horny it made him to watch me and see how much I enjoyed being a slut for other men. Since Rick was always there watching me have multiple orgasms with my lovers, it was impossible for me to deny how much I enjoyed being his "slut-wife". Admitting to him (during sex) that I loved being his slut was a huge turn-on for us both and when we finally finished having sex, I'd fall asleep looking forward to the next night and hoping things went well.

Rick would let my "date" know ahead of time that at a certain point in the night, (usually after a couple of drinks and some dancing and talking), we would let him know if we were comfortable with him having sex with me. There were only a couple of times when we said "no" to a guy but usually, at that point, I would indicate my approval to my ex and he would let the guy know that from that point on, I was his "date" for the night and that he, Rick was just there as a voyeur. At that point the guy usually got bolder and more affectionate as we continued to dance, drink, and snuggle. As the alcohol lowered my inhibitions and the promise of wild sex made me wet with anticipation, all pretenses would disappear as our sexual tension would usually give way to sexual attraction. As me and my date began to cuddle and kiss, Rick would tell us how hot we looked together and assure us that he wanted us to enjoy ourselves. His encouragement did seem to make the men more sexually aggressive and it wasn't usually very long after that that we were headed somewhere to have sex.

At that point in my life, I had no doubt that my husband sincerely loved me and my love for him was unconditional. I'd always considered myself a "good-girl" and I would never cheat on my husband, but because I had his "blesing" to enjoy sex with other men, I was able to do all the crazy things I did without guilt because I was doing it in the context of our marriage. Enjoying sex with other men in an open and uninhibited atmosphere has a way of becoming addictive and I have to admit that I learned to love it and looked forward to our erotic adventures. To Be Continued.................

I hope you liked it.