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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Night At A Truckstop

It seems that whenever I post something new I'm always apologizing for taking so long in between posts. I'm not going to apologize this time but I will say that unlike many businesses today, my little old business is busier than ever and I barely have time to breathe. No, my business doesn't have anything to do with porn - but I wish it did..
Anyway, instead of continuing my "memoir" chronologically, I'm going to skip ahead a couple of years and post a story about something that happened rather spontaneously, but is related to my last post because it's another instance where I was paid for sex.
Please don't get the wrong idea. I wasn't going out trying to sell my body during that time in my life. I was perfectly happy giving my body to whatever horny stud wanted it, however there were a few times when I was propositioned and I just took advantage of the opportunity.
I hope you like this story. Your comments are appreciated.

My ex-husband and I were swingers and although we started out swinging almost exclusively with couples, we eventually started swinging with straight, single men because my ex's favorite thing about swinging was watching me act like a total slut with other men.
Well, we had partied a few times with this one couple (I'll call them Joe and Tammy) but they were only into the wives playing while the husbands watched and then each couple having sex with our own spouses. Tragically though, Tammy was killed in a car crash and Joe became a widower.
About six months after Tammy's untimely demise Joe called my ex and we invited him over for dinner. One thing led to another and for the first time, I had sex with Joe. Joe loved to eat pussy, he had a magnificent cock and he knew how to use it. Joe became a regular lover of mine and I still consider him one of my best lovers ever.
Joe was a trucker and his normal route took him to south florida on an almost daily basis. As it turned out I had a cousin living in Fort Lauderdale and she had invited me to her baby shower. My ex was tied up at work and since I wasn't comfortable driving the two-hundered miles by myself, Joe volunteered to take me down on a Friday so I could be there for the shower and then pick me up on Monday and bring me home. Me and my (ex)husband probably had Joe over for dinner and sex three or four times by then and we both liked him and trusted him, so we took him up on his offer to drive me to Ft. Lauderdale and back.
At that point me and my ex had probably been swinging for about 10-12 years or so and when we played with others, we always played with he/she/they together as a couple. Only on rare occasions did I play when my ex wasn't at least in the same building as me, or knew who I was playing with. This was one of those rare occasions when I was given permission "to play" with someone when my ex wasn't going to be around.
The night before I left with Joe, my ex and I were having sex and as he fucked me he started teasing me about "going away" for the weekend with Joe. As he fucked me harder and harder he told me that it was obvious to him that I loved having sex with Joe and it turned him on very much to know that I enjoyed being a slut-wife. Just before he orgasmed, he told me that if I got horny, or if Joe came on to me, I had his permission to be slutty, as long as I told him all about it when I got home.
That Friday morning, as he was leaving for work, he told me that he was serious about what he said the previous night and that I had his permission to be a slut while I was gone, as long as I told him all the details. The trip down to Fort Lauderdale on Friday was uneventful and the baby shower on Sunday was pretty boring too.
The trip back wasn't quite as uneventful as the drive down. The plan was for Joe to pick me up at my cousin's about 4 P.M on Monday. Late Monday afternoon I got a call from my ex. Joe had somehow gotten in touch with him and told him that he was going to be late because he had to make a run up to Georgia before he went to south Florida. This was when very few people had cell phones and Joe asked my ex if I could have my cousin drop me off at a certain truck stop around 9 PM. Since I was supposed to be back to work on Tuesday at noon I didn't have much of a choice and so my very pregnant cousin drove me to the truck stop. Joe was about a half hour late and while we were sitting there in the car we had two different truckers tap on our window and ask us if we were "working". We were amused and of course we said no, but my curiosity was aroused.
The trip home started off pretty normally but about an hour into the trip Joe announced that he was reaching the maximum number of hours he could drive that day and he would have to pull into a truck stop and rest for eight hours before we could continue home. It was already almost eleven P.M., so that meant I'd be stuck at the truck stop until at least seven A.M. and wouldn't be home until eleven, just in time to make it to work. I had noticed the small mattress behind the seats of the cab we were riding in but it was covered with notebooks and jackets (it was December) and I never imagined that I'd actually be using it.
When we got to the truckstop I tried getting in touch with my ex to let him know what the situation was. He was working out of town so I called his pager (remember those?) and after waiting by the pay phone for twenty minutes I crawled back into the truck with Joe. Joe didn't drink but I had about half a bottle of tequila and some margarita mix in my suitcase so I fixed myself a drink. Joe cleaned off the mattress and we fucked and sucked each other for what seemed like hours. I had a few drinks in the proces, so I wasn't feeling any pain as we basked in the afterglow of our sexual romp.
I told Joe that my ex had given me permission to fuck him and I also told him about what happened while me and my cousin were waiting for him at the other truckstop. He told me that it wasn't unusual for some prostitutes to "work" the lots of the truckstops and added that he'd never used the services of a "hooker". Anyway, I had to pee real bad after sex and I wanted to clean up a little, so I got out of the truck and walked over to use the facilities. As I was walking back I noticed a man coming up beside me and he said something like, "Excuse me, honey.. How much for a blowjob?"
I was shocked and amused at the same time. By that point in my life I had been paid for sex on a couple (directly and indirectly) of different occasions, so I wasn't totally naive - but I am naturally reserved (and maybe even a little stand-offish) toward total strangers, so I said something like, "You couldn't afford me, mister".
"How much?" He insisted, smiling and looking into my eyes.
The guy wasn't that bad. He was maybe fifteen years older than me (I was in my early 30s) and he had a bit of a beer-belly - but he also looked clean, and although he had a full beard, he was neatly groomed. I knew what other men had paid me in the past and I was just horny enough and just drunk enough to come up with a price, "A hundred dollars", I said, thinking that that was probably more than this trucker had in his pocket.
I was right, he didn't have that much in his pocket, "Aww, how about fifty?" He replied, "I got fifty, dear. Come on, I usually only pay twenty here.
I don't want to say that I was insulted, but I said something like, "Listen fella, I'm not what you think I am. I'm a happily-married woman and I'm just getting a ride home with a friend. Even if you had a-hundred dollars, you'd be lucky to get me to suck you."
"Well listen, honey'" he said, "If you change your mind, and fifty's OK, I'll be in that big, red truck back in the back corner of the lot." He pointed toward his truck, "I'll be up for a while, come on by. I've got a joint if you want to help me smoke it."
I shook my head as he walked off in the direction of his truck and I continued to walk towards Joe's truck. I climbed up the ladder to the passenger-side door but before I opened it I looked inside. Joe was fast asleep on the mattress. I paused. I thought about the fifty bucks and I thought about the joint. I also thought about opening the door and snuggling next to Joe. I looked back at the stranger's red truck just as the guy was getting in. Impulsively, I climbed down off the ladder and turned toward's the stranger's truck.
With every step I took my heart pounded harder and harder as I anticipated what I'd say and do when I got there. I climbed up the ladder on the passenger side of the truck and looked in. His cab was much bigger and nicer than Joe's. He was talking to someone on his CB radio but quickly stopped when he saw me. He smiled and motioned for me to come in. I nervously opened the door and climbed inside.
The cab was nice, and big but it had a musky, smokey scent much like a small, crowded nightclub. "Are you really happily-married?" The man asked.
"Yes, I am", I replied quietly.
"Does your husband know what you're doing?" He asked quizzacilly.
"Not exactly", I replied, "But we have an open relationship."
As soon as I shut the door the guy pulled a joint from his cigarette pack and lit it up. He took a big hit and as he handed the smoke to me he asked me if I wanted a beer. I must have been nervous because I said yes, and as we smoked and made small-talk I quickly drank the beer. As the joint got smaller I knew that the purpose of my being there was quickly approaching and the entire scene seemed almost surreal.
Smoke was swirling around the cab and the moment of truth was now."Before you start sucking me, can I see your tits?" The guy asked.
I took a deep breath and paused before I answered. The joint and the beer had relaxed me even more than I already was and if I'd met this guy at a swinger club (feeling the way I did), I probably would have given him a blowjob for free. The idea of being a hooker for him suddenly seemed very hot and sluttish and I said to myself, "what the hell, why not", and then said to the guy, "You're not seeing anything until I see your fifty dollars".
He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He reached into his wallet and pulled out two twenties and a ten. As he put his wallet back with one hand, he waved the bills in front of me and said, "Let me see your tits, Baby... And this fifty dollars is yours."
I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall open. I had a bra on and the guy reached around and skillfully unfastened it. I let my bra and my blouse fall off my body and I sat there topless. He handed me the fifty dollar bill and leered at me. He licked his lips, smiled and said, "Why don't we go back to my mattres. I wanna suck those titties of yours".
I knew that hookers charged for every little thing but I wasn't in a mood to dicker. Suddenly, the thought of letting this old guy fuck me seemed more intimate, and therefore more slutty and exciting than just giving him a blowjob. I figured that fifty bucks was worth about fifteen minutes of my time, and although I have nothing against sucking a guy off, I'd rather spend fifteen minutes getting fucked than sucking someone. As I climbed into the back of the cab, with my "john" right behind me, I said, "Do you have any condoms?"
"Condoms... Why do you need a condom for a blowjob?" He asked, as if confused.
"No, no", I giggled, "If you have a condom, you can fuck me, but your fifty bucks is only good for about fifteen minutes."
He flashed me a goofy grin and said, "As a matter-of-fact..." He reached around and opened the center console.. "It just so happens..." He pulled out a small first-aid kit, opened it and said, "I have a condom right here."
Seconds later "john" was sucking and groping my breasts. A few minutes after that we both had our pants and shoes off. "John" pulled down my panties and exposed my clean-shaven pussylips and "landing strip" pubes. "Do you mind if I play with myself?" I said, and then paused as I laid back and started to diddle myself. "While you put that condom on I'm going to get myself ready for you."
John stared at my pussy as I started to play with myself. He pulled down his underwear and exposed his half-hard and fairly thick (but otherwise very average) dick. "Would you suck me for a minute and get me real hard before I try to put this thing on?" He asked matter-of-factly.
I continued to fondle and finger myself as I answered, "Mmm, sure luv, bring it here."
John scooted around and laid beside me so that when I turned my head, his dick was in my face. I kept playing with myself with my left hand but wrapped my right hand around his shaft and slowly started stroking him. I wrapped my lips around the head and started to suck as I occasionally flicked it with my tongue. I could almost feel the blood rushing into his cock as it stiffened in my grasp.
After just a couple minutes of sucking, "john" ripped the condom out of its wrapper and pulled his cock away from my lips. He rolled the condom down his shaft and was quickly ready for business. My pussy was already wet and ready. Joe had finished fucking me just an hour earlier, and although I cleaned myself some when I went to the bathroom, much of Joe's cum was still inside me.
John patted me on the ass and told me to roll over onto my hands and knees. I obediently complied and "john" lined up behind me. My heart fluttered and I was momentarily short-of-breath as his manhood first began to penetrate and probe my vagina. I don't know why I always got a horny rush everytime I screwed a new guy, but the fact that I was getting paid for it this time made it seem even more of a rush than usual.
Our fucking got more fevered and frenzied by the minute. I was grinding myself back onto him and trying to get him as deep as possible. He was fucking me hard and started telling me how hot my pussy was. He started thanking me for letting him fuck me as he started giving it to me good. Suddenly he pulled his cock from my pussy and announced, "God, darlin', I'm about to cum... But, you know, you promised me a blowjob, and I'd kinda like to finish it that way."
John pulled the condom off and laid down beside me. I wrapped my hand around his pole and stared at it for a few seconds before I started to blow him. It didn't take me long to get him off and I swallowed every drop of his cum. Very little was said as I got dressed but as I left "john" said groggily,"You were right, you know.. Your blowjobs are worth a-hundred bucks."
I walked back to Joe's truck and he hadn't even missed me. I took my bra and pants off and crawled into bed with my trucker friend. I never told Joe what I did at the truckstop while he slept, but the next time me and my ex were having sex I told him all about it.
My ex fucked me long and hard that night as I told him all the kinky details about what I did with Joe and my other trucker "friend". I think he was shocked at first but the more I told him about it the hornier he got. As he filled me with a big load of cum, he told me that he loved me and he was proud and happy to be married to such a slutty wife......